I’m an observer. Always have been an observer. I’m not the social butterfly that enjoys large crowds. I’m the guy in the corner, often behind a camera. I like looking at people and things. And how it light interacts. I see everything, including what’s going to happen. I’m hyper aware of my surroundings. But I instantly know the photo I want. I can concentrate for forever to capture just that moment.

I love the craftsman in his environment. Be it an actor, cleaner, or singer. The shoemaker, danser, fisherman or radar-operator. A trainer, coach or sportsman. I love people absorbed by their passion. It’s my calling to capture beautiful moments of people in their happy place.

I’m quirky. I like manual focus over autofocus. I prefer the viewfinder of a camera over the screen. I love hard contrasts and often prefer black and white over color. I definitely prefer natural light and existing light, over carefully designed setups. I love old lenses with their own character over today’s digital cleanness.

Through the years I have captured a lot of magical moments for the people involved, both (incredibly) famous or not. I don’t care about the fame, in the end we all need to use the bathroom. For me it’s about the person, the passion and the happy place.

Her is a selection of what I made. Most photos were used in magazines, on TV or in advertising-campaigns.